Compact fixed mount scanner for automated surroundings

Datalogic Gryphon I GFS4100

Datalogic Gryphon I GFS4100
  • Powerful compact barcode scanning module for OEM use
  • Excellent short-range reading, as well as wide-angle field
  • Optical Green Spot and acoustic scan confirmation
  • Diverse modes: automatic object recognition, remote activation or continuous scanning
  • Robust casing, IP54 rating, optional serial or USB interface for optimal integration
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The 1D barcode scanner, Gryphon I GFS4100 from Datalogic, is a powerful fixed mount scanning module for OEM usage in fully automated surroundings, such as in production. It utilises the same technology as the premium hand scanner GD4100, and has a reading rate of 320 scans per second, making it not only speedy, but reliable with high motion tolerance. Its impressive scanning ability for short-range and wide-angle field, as well as its excellent recognition of damaged, poorly readable or moving codes, guarantee smooth operation. This scan module operates via several trigger impulses: an automatic object recognition mode which sends data once a barcode is identified, a remote mode or continuous scanning.

The scanner is certified with the IP54 rating (splash waterproof casing). Its casing also withstands solvents and harsh disinfectants, making this device optimal for the tough industrial environment, or for highly demanding usage in the healthcare sector. Choose between a serial and a USB interface for an optimal system connection.