Robust industrial scanner for production and logistics

Datalogic PowerScan PD9300

Datalogic PowerScan PD9300
  • Particularly robust 1D barcode scanner for logistics and production
  • All interfaces in one device: USB, RS-232 and keyboard wedge
  • 3GL technology and patented »Green Spot« facilitate capture
  • Optional reading ranges of up to 11.5 m
  • Water and dust-resistant, according to IP65
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The PowerScan 9300 Series combines high performance with the usual robustness from an outstanding PowerScan industrial scanner. The main objectives of the development - ergonomics and durability - have been successfully implemented in the most important properties of the barcode scanners. Ease of use and productivity are ensured by the ergonomic handle, balanced weight and several well-perceptible signals known by the PowerScan. But also in terms of data capture and functionality great emphasis was placed on performance and quality: the scanners easily identify all common one-dimensional barcodes. The advanced processor architecture, based on a high-speed microprocessor, ensures for fast scans, even with badly printed or damaged barcodes.

All versions of this series are equipped with a clearly audible beeper, bright LEDs (especially for areas with high noise levels) and the patented »Green Spot« for easy barcode capture. Due to their robustness the laser scanners endure even the toughest industrial environments: with shock-absorbing supports for all optical components and a specially shaped housing, they withstand falls from up to two meters onto concrete without any problems.