Robust mobile terminal for retail, logistics and more

Datalogic Falcon X4

Datalogic Falcon X4
  • Mobile computer for 1D or 2D barcode capture
  • Robust enough for the warehouse: IP65 and 1.8 m fall protection
  • Available as a handheld or pistol grip version
  • 3.5'' multi-touch display and keypad with 3 different layouts
  • Freedom of operating system choice: Windows Embedded Compact 7 or Android
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The Falcon X4 from Datalogic is the ideal mobile computer for warehouses, shipping departments, manufacturing, retail and other applications Depending on the need, the Falcon X4 is equipped with either a 1D or 2D imager. It features the Datalogic patented »Green Spot« technology which confirms a successful scan. The Falcon X4 reads 1D barcodes with a green scan line, and 2D barcodes with white backlighting. It is also available with a rear illuminated numeric, alphanumeric or functional numeric keypad.

The operating system available for the Falcon X4 is the pre-installed Windows Embedded Compact 7 or Android. Data transmission on the Falcon X4 is via WLAN 802.11a/b/g/n with CCX v4 and MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output). Bluetooth is optionally available. The housing is IP65-certified and can be dropped from a height of up to 1.8 m. An OMAP dual-core processor from Texas Instruments with 1 GB RAM and 8 GB flash memory ensures outstanding performance. The Falcon X4's 5,200 mAh battery is designed for longer shifts and can be replaced during operation.