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Improve your strong impression with the practical marketing materials from Datalogic. The brochures and case studies optimally illustrate the high performance and flexibility of the scanners, while serving you as a compelling argument for your customers.

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Adaptive vs. Integrated POS Scanner/Scale Solutions
Less Equals More
Unleash the Power of Mobile Marketing
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Age Verification and Driver License Parsing
All-Weighs Scale Platter
Disinfectant-Ready Enclosures for Healthcare Enironments
The Datalogic Green Spot
ILLUMIX: Intelligent Illumination Technology
MOTIONIX: Motion-Sensing Technology
PerfectMatch Data Verification For Healthcare Environments
Remote Systems Management
Case Studies
PowerScan PM8300Bang & Olufsen, Manufacturing
TouchDHL Servicepoint, Transportation & Logistics
HeronDHL ServicePoint, Transportation & Logistics
Magellan 2200VS, QuickScan QS6500Euro Shop, Retail
Gryphon I GM4100, Gryphon I GD4100, PowerScan PBT7100Major Supermarket/Hypermarket Retailers, Retail
Gryphon Desk, Gryphon Mobile,
Heron Desk
Gardencenters, Retail
PowerScan PM8300, Dragon MobileDaimler, Manufacturing
Gryphon I GD4400 2D,
Gryphon D432 Plus 2D
Frankfurt Hahn Airport, Transportation & Logistics
Gryphon BluetoothHeiderbeck, Manufacturing
Gryphon Desk, Gryphon MobileHugo Boss, Retail
Gryphon Desk, Gryphon MobileIKEA Retail Stores, Retail
PowerScan PM8300, PowerScan PBT7100Mecarungis, Manufacturing
Gryphon Desk, HeronMEDILYS, Healthcare
PowerScan PM8300, PowerScan PD8300Mr. Wash Auto-Service AG, Services
Gryphon 2D PlusnanoCrypt, Hospitality
Gryphon I GD4100, Gryphon I GBT4100Feelfree Snow-Fun-Center, Services
Memorthe Mothercare Group, Retail
Falcon X3Heckmondwike, Manufacturing
KymanKarl Kneusel Handels GmbH, Logistics
SkorpioDunelm Mill, Retail
KymanTransalpe, Logistics